What is Eulergy?

Eulergy: Euler (Leonhard Euler - famous Swiss mathematician and physicist) - logy (form the greek logia - writing, bodies of knowledge)


Every year thousands of students world-wide produce research and development work as part of their curricula. The majority of their works seldom break from the academic institution or the payment walls of journals.

Every year companies, charities and governments struggle to find disruptive solutions to a constantly changing market – sorely needed innovation and insight.

At Eulergy we believe in a different vision. We believe that academic work can be used to solve real problems. That students can be rewarded for their efforts and companies can access a pool of creative minds and future employees.


  • Students or companies propose projects they are studying or intend to realise.
  • Companies search for relevant ideas and cooperate with students and universities in tailoring the work to their needs.
  • Students can receive: resources; facilities; internships; money and sorely needed industry contacts for carrying out their academic projects and realising work that makes a concrete impact on business and society.
  • All research is then available for both the university and the company.


Eulergy is an online platform that makes cooperation happen. We are the matchmaking website for research. All you need to do is type in the key words for what you're looking for and then we will match you to an appropriate partner. It's as simple as that.  Join us at Eulergy if you're a student, member of a organisation, lecturer, university staff, or simply interested in innovation. Let's create a better world together.

UPDATE: Eulergy is now live in beta, find out more here at www.eulergy.com

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