What can I do with Eulergy?

Eulergy is all about creating a space for connections to happen and relationships to be built. It’s a one stop shop where serendipity meets structure and offers a unique platform for collaboration, exchange and problem solving. Some of these connections will be unexpected and surprising and we can’t predict all of the different ways users will want to use Eulergy. We’re not going to cap the scope of Eulergy because we don’t think there’s a limit to the exciting potential of unlocking some of the most intelligent minds, nor to the potential Industry offers for collaboration.

We have identified two main groups of users: Higher Education Associates (Students, Researchers & Academics) and Industry (SMEs, Charities, Government, Creative & Cultural Sector). We anticipate that there will be users from other sectors who will also benefit from Eulergy, and we look forward to seeing these groups grow. Some users will have a very clear idea of how they want to use Eulergy. For instance, perhaps you work in a University and have a project you want to find the right person in Industry to collaborate with. Or maybe you’re an SME seeking to unlock expertise, proposing a specific project for an appropriate Higher Education Associate. You might be involved in another organisation, such as the Charity sector, and also looking to connect with expertise.

You may simply be interested in browsing the site and seeing what types of projects are taking place, and keep abreast of the latest innovative collaborations through our newsletter and blog posts. Eulergy can help Universities map their analytics to prove the impact of their Institution across disciplines and beyond the academic domain: creating reports to demonstrate researchers’ impact, experience and connections. For other interested parties, there’s also an opportunity to advertise on Eulergy. For any further information on how you might benefit from our services just get in touch: hello@eulergy.com.

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