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Calling all SMEs. Eulergy is coming soon!

We’re nearly ready to launch our public beta service and are looking for interested partners to get involved and provide research projects. Got something you wish you could research but don’t have the time, skills or resources within your company? Now is the time to start tapping into the wealth of knowledge from within universities.

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Eulergy is a research matchmaker for students and sponsors (companies, charities, governments, even other universities!)

To industry, Eulergy offers an opportunity to unlock the value created by students in the course of their studies. Students want briefs that will harness and apply their research skills to industry. They want to know that they’re looking at issues and ideas that are of interest to potential clients, customers or employers. Industry can use this opportunity to tap into bright minds with a dedicated focus on projects which could be directly interesting to a commercial user and are more likely to produce blue sky thinking.

Eulergy is an online platform to facilitate cooperation and collaboration amongst its users. It’s a gallery of ideas, research proposals and completed projects. Industry participants can engage at any stage of the process, whether it’s submitting a research idea that is beyond the capacity levels or skill set within your organisation, or posting a concept that you’d like to see researched further.

How does it work?

Eulergy provides search and matchmaking to help companies and students find the right projects. We provide boilerplate contacts and escrow payments to enable both parties to make at least a healthy handshake on each project, and collaboration areas to bring together other support users like lectures and other researchers.

We’re excited to talk to collaborators from industry, education and the student body.  We’re delighted to be working with the RSA and in pursuing partnership industry bodies and universities to offer expertise from brilliant minds in a structured, collaborative forum.

How can your company get involved?

We’re looking for industry members who are interested in providing briefs for the beta launch. We’ll find students to deliver it and we’ll work with universities to make it happen. We’ve already worked on a variety of projects in the past: from helping a major fashion retailer; to finding silk designs from fashion students globally; to working with a wire manufacture on new IP. So, tell us what you’d like!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us at: hello@eulergy.com


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