RSA research suggests using Eulergy

Last week the RSA released it's fifth publication as part on their City Growth Commission research entitled: UniverCities. The commission, funded in part by Universities UK , proposed to research and suggest practical advice to metros and universities for local economic and social growth.

RSA UniverCities

Eulergy  was suggested by the RSA on  page 10 as an emerging example of how to create business and university partnerships. The main two suggestions as part of the research sections on the paper was to fund research and teaching on a local as well as a national level; to

invest in a portfolio of proven and emerging models which engage SMEs in university partnerships.

SMEs are at the heart of Eulergy's business model and vision for growth. We hope to encourage specific and wide spread research collaboration between SME's, charities and governments with higher education institutions and their academics. This will encourage innovation within those organisations, as well as the support those research academics.

Given the importance of tertiary education and the global standing of our leading universities, mainstream funding for HEIs should continue to be based on standards of excellence for research and teaching.

We hope that organisations as well as government bodies join with us to help continue university lead research excellence.

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