Eulergy development workshops

Since October 2012, we've been working hard on what Eulergy is as an entity, what it should deliver, and whether we're needed. We've been extremely fortunate to work with two organisations to help us better understand these questions and give us access to our target market so that we might ask them directly.

We held two development workshops early this year, the first at our new home at THECUBE, where we had the Eulergy ripped apart and put back together again at the Innovation Lab by THECUBE and its entrepreneurial community. This was hugely useful to see what was important in the idea, how would it be delivered and what effect it might have on the world. This workshop was attended by Cube members who are mostly business owners themselves.

The second workshop was run at the RSA. This was attend by students and staff at the RSA, AHRC, UCL, Kings, CC4C and Kingston. This workshop consisted a longer pitch of the business idea leading into a round table discussion mainly on the topics of: cost, IP, tracking, and quality control as well as a more higher level chat about social businesses as apposed to social enterprise (of which we hope to be a social business).

Both of these workshops where hugely beneficial to be able to talk through our business plan and product with our potential customers. Thank you to both the RSA and THECUBE for your continued support of Eulergy of which we will be releasing in Beta in the next two weeks! Stay tuned.

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