Eulergy Beta is coming

Eulergy Beta is almost here

Eulergy has been in gestation with the RSA and the Eulergy team for the last two years. Since October 2012 we started creating what we hoped would turn into a hub for students to find support from sponsors for their research, as well as companies to find new talent, innovation and expertise.

At the end of May (yes this month!) we will be releasing Eulergy Beta. The site will allow users to sign up as a student or sponsor, post and request research, search projects, view profiles, message and create connections. We have alot we want to add to Eulergy still but we hope that the Beta will get the ball rolling on making connections between researchers and sponsors.

What research do we expect to see on Eulergy? From design to statistics, music to engineering, Eulergy has already seen broad research area interest from companies throughout the UK.

Want to get research done for your company? Have a research proposal? Looking for data or resources for you research? Looking for new innovations? Find a home at Eulergy - the research matchmaker.

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