Eulergy development workshops

Since October 2012, we've been working hard on what Eulergy is as an entity, what it should deliver, and whether we're needed. We've been extremely fortunate to work with two organisations to help us better understand these questions and give us access to our target market so that we might ask them directly.

We held two development workshops early this year, the first at our new home at THECUBE, where we had the Eulergy ripped apart and put back together again at the Innovation Lab by THECUBE and its entrepreneurial community. This was hugely useful to see what was important in the idea, how would it be delivered and what effect it might have on the world. This workshop was attended by Cube members who are mostly business owners themselves.

The second workshop was run at the RSA. This was attend by students and staff at the RSA, AHRC, UCL, Kings, CC4C and Kingston. This workshop consisted a longer pitch of the business idea leading into a round table discussion mainly on the topics of: cost, IP, tracking, and quality control as well as a more higher level chat about social businesses as apposed to social enterprise (of which we hope to be a social business).

Both of these workshops where hugely beneficial to be able to talk through our business plan and product with our potential customers. Thank you to both the RSA and THECUBE for your continued support of Eulergy of which we will be releasing in Beta in the next two weeks! Stay tuned.

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Eulergy Beta is coming

Eulergy Beta is almost here

Eulergy has been in gestation with the RSA and the Eulergy team for the last two years. Since October 2012 we started creating what we hoped would turn into a hub for students to find support from sponsors for their research, as well as companies to find new talent, innovation and expertise.

At the end of May (yes this month!) we will be releasing Eulergy Beta. The site will allow users to sign up as a student or sponsor, post and request research, search projects, view profiles, message and create connections. We have alot we want to add to Eulergy still but we hope that the Beta will get the ball rolling on making connections between researchers and sponsors.

What research do we expect to see on Eulergy? From design to statistics, music to engineering, Eulergy has already seen broad research area interest from companies throughout the UK.

Want to get research done for your company? Have a research proposal? Looking for data or resources for you research? Looking for new innovations? Find a home at Eulergy - the research matchmaker.

Sign up to our newsletter to here when the Eulergy Beta goes live.

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Are you a postgraduate?

Hey Postgraduates,

  • Are you looking for funding for a research project?
  • Are you looking to work on paid placements with businesses and other organisations, to apply your specialist knowledge gained at University in a wider commercial context?
  • Do you have research whose value has an impact both within and beyond your institution?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions, we want to hear from you

How can you get involved?

We are launching our beta website in May and we want to hear your research pitches, so we can begin matchmaking for you.

  • Email us a description of your research (500 words max), including your name, institiution & contact details to: hello@eulergy.com

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SMEs we need YOU!

Calling all SMEs. Eulergy is coming soon!

We’re nearly ready to launch our public beta service and are looking for interested partners to get involved and provide research projects. Got something you wish you could research but don’t have the time, skills or resources within your company? Now is the time to start tapping into the wealth of knowledge from within universities.

Find out more

Eulergy is a research matchmaker for students and sponsors (companies, charities, governments, even other universities!)

To industry, Eulergy offers an opportunity to unlock the value created by students in the course of their studies. Students want briefs that will harness and apply their research skills to industry. They want to know that they’re looking at issues and ideas that are of interest to potential clients, customers or employers. Industry can use this opportunity to tap into bright minds with a dedicated focus on projects which could be directly interesting to a commercial user and are more likely to produce blue sky thinking.

Eulergy is an online platform to facilitate cooperation and collaboration amongst its users. It’s a gallery of ideas, research proposals and completed projects. Industry participants can engage at any stage of the process, whether it’s submitting a research idea that is beyond the capacity levels or skill set within your organisation, or posting a concept that you’d like to see researched further.

How does it work?

Eulergy provides search and matchmaking to help companies and students find the right projects. We provide boilerplate contacts and escrow payments to enable both parties to make at least a healthy handshake on each project, and collaboration areas to bring together other support users like lectures and other researchers.

We’re excited to talk to collaborators from industry, education and the student body.  We’re delighted to be working with the RSA and in pursuing partnership industry bodies and universities to offer expertise from brilliant minds in a structured, collaborative forum.

How can your company get involved?

We’re looking for industry members who are interested in providing briefs for the beta launch. We’ll find students to deliver it and we’ll work with universities to make it happen. We’ve already worked on a variety of projects in the past: from helping a major fashion retailer; to finding silk designs from fashion students globally; to working with a wire manufacture on new IP. So, tell us what you’d like!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us at: hello@eulergy.com


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What is Eulergy?

Eulergy: Euler (Leonhard Euler - famous Swiss mathematician and physicist) - logy (form the greek logia - writing, bodies of knowledge)


Every year thousands of students world-wide produce research and development work as part of their curricula. The majority of their works seldom break from the academic institution or the payment walls of journals.

Every year companies, charities and governments struggle to find disruptive solutions to a constantly changing market – sorely needed innovation and insight.

At Eulergy we believe in a different vision. We believe that academic work can be used to solve real problems. That students can be rewarded for their efforts and companies can access a pool of creative minds and future employees.


  • Students or companies propose projects they are studying or intend to realise.
  • Companies search for relevant ideas and cooperate with students and universities in tailoring the work to their needs.
  • Students can receive: resources; facilities; internships; money and sorely needed industry contacts for carrying out their academic projects and realising work that makes a concrete impact on business and society.
  • All research is then available for both the university and the company.


Eulergy is an online platform that makes cooperation happen. We are the matchmaking website for research. All you need to do is type in the key words for what you're looking for and then we will match you to an appropriate partner. It's as simple as that.  Join us at Eulergy if you're a student, member of a organisation, lecturer, university staff, or simply interested in innovation. Let's create a better world together.

UPDATE: Eulergy is now live in beta, find out more here at www.eulergy.com

To be kept up to date with Eulergy, please subscribe to our mailing list.

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